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Connect multiple phone numbers with your virtual number & never miss a call again. Let your team handle many calls at a time.

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Features of a onenumberTM number

IVR System

Need Receptionist? OneNumberTM with welcome greetings through IVR and personalized experience with self-help and virtual receptionist is ready.

Call Routing

Many Departments? No problem, OneNumberTM connects the callers directly with the department based on their IVR menu inputs.

Call Forwarding

Many People, OneNumberTM. Bring mobility to your team's call handling as calls are forwarded directly to your employee's phone number.

Call Tracking

Love details? Track and monitor all your employee's performance down to each customer call and their performance.

Call Reports

Need Call Records? OneNumberTM gives access to detailed reports of your customer calls and get daily insights with up-to-date agents and call information.

Call Recording

Miscommunication Problems? Not anymore, with OneNumberTM Monitor your business calls and team performance with timely recorded customer conversations.

OneNumber to ease customer communication

Attend calls anytime, anywhere

OneNumberTM calls placed at your virtual phone number are sent to your or your agent's number directly. No need to sit at their landline or office desk to answer calls. We bring mobility to your team's work and also enable them to ensure 24*7 customer availability easily. OneNumber also minimizes the chances of your team missing any important customer call.

OneNumber for many platforms

OneNumberTM lets you use business accounts without any change on different platforms like WhatsApp, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Justdial, Truecaller and more. The number can easily receive different SMS. Such accounts with your business number make it easier for your target audience to connect with your company or do financial transactions through different platforms.


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Quick Questions & Answers

We love questions. Below are some common ones, If you've still have more questions. No Problem, please contact our sales or support experts..

OneNumberTM is a 10 digit virtual number with multiple numbers mapped behind it. Calls placed at OneNumberTM are automatically routed to any of the associated and mapped phone numbers.

It depends on the number of channels added behind your OneNumberTM cloud based phone number. OneNumberTM starter plan gives you 8 channel lines, thus allowing you to attend 4 calls at a time

You can attended many call simultaneously using OneNumberTM which reduces the chances of missing any important business calls. Calls are sent directly to the employee's number, allowing them to receive calls anywhere, anytime.

With OneNumberTM you get a full-functional call management system with features like call forwarding, call tracking, Welcome and department wise IVR, call transfer, call recording, callers' number database, call reports and many more.

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