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Simple and Easy API's which can be integrated with your application and allows you to send SMS in minutes.

With the help of Vasudev SMS Global API's you would be able to send bulk SMS, trigger OTP's and important transactional updates, get your messages in the Inbox, extract reports, organise contacts and more. Our smart SMS gateway routing helps us to provide you a world class delivery.
  require 'Vasudev.class.php';  $Vasudev=new Vasudev(smscare@vasudev.com',
  $Vasudev->sendSms('917788990011','Your car - 
   KA01 HG 9999 - is due for service on July 24th,  please text SERVICE to 
  92205 92205 for a callback','FORDIN');

Text sending SMS in minutes by using our sample API codes.

We ensure reliable and secured sending and receiving of SMS through any application. Our direct connection with the leading telecom operators and smart routing capabilities guarantees best and speedy delivery of your SMS. Not only you are able to send and receive SMS but with the help of our API's you can pull reports, schedule SMS, organise your contacts and much more. Complete integration of API's with our panel makes it easy to access the most of the portal features without being logged In.Get in touch with our experts or contact us on +91 908 145 6969 The pre-requiste to send or receive SMS is that your application is connected to Internet. We make available full codes illustration in almost every modern language for you to begin - but by leaving a choice on you, how would you like to start? There are infinite possibilites and our technical experts are always a finger tip away to guide you with any of concerns.

With Vasudev SMS Global API's simply Integrate Enterprise SMS functionality

API's are designed in such way that they can go beyond simply processing a campaign, schdeuling messages, organising contacts, receive Inbound texts and way more. Refer the below features and sign up with us.
Process Bulk SMS
Schedule SMS
Inbound text
Organise Contacts
Managing your Reseller
Pull Reports